Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well, the swingset is finally up. We bought back our old swingset we had out at our old place on Wendy Lane. We had originally bought it from Greg's niece in Olathe and the boys loved it when we had it at the old place. We Mark Ficken said he wanted to get rid of it we jumped on it. Well, I jumped on it. Greg just saw it as A LOT of work he'd have to do. And he was right. But it was so worth it. The boys are so excited and Greg made a special place for it in our back yard. It's perfect!!
This picture is deceiving. The swingset is actually off the ground and Greg is moving it with the tractor while the boys are on the swings. They loved it while I walked along beside them...until Greg hit a high spot in the yard and I yell...WAIT!! STOP!! ...and both boys bailed! LOL! Quick movin' boys!

The finished product....almost. We still need to stain it again and put down pea gravel. But it's as good as done.

Tired daddy taken a dip....

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